The Game

Quick Overview of “Luck O’ The Dice”

"Luck O' The Dice" is a game of dice, cards, and coins for 2-4 players (ages 7+). The object is to accumulate the most coins by completing dice cards, rolling Pot O’ Gold combos, and stealing coins from other players. Each turn consists of three steps: Leprechaun Play, Dice Play, and "Press Your Luck."

During Leprechaun Play, players interact with their opponents by playing leprechaun cards. There are seven types: Subtracter, Snatcher, Sharer, Stealer, Skipper, Slicer, and Staller. As the names suggest, these cards allow players to impede their opponents' progress as well as speed their own.

During Dice Play, players roll their dice up to two times to complete combinations found on the dice cards in their hands. Players can earn more coins if they complete the combination in one roll than if it takes them two rolls. Pot O' Gold rolls are combinations that require all six dice to complete and do not require a card. These combinations are worth the most coins.

"Press Your Luck" is an optional step that allows a player to roll a third time. If unsuccessful, the player may be penalized.

The game ends as soon as a player completes five dice cards. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

"This game appeals to me on so many different levels as an adult... this game is simple to set up and easy to explain to most young people, so it makes it a perfect family game as well, with tons of replayability."

~Daniel Moody,
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