Merry Christmas and Mass Production Copy Received!

Merry Christmas everyone! The MPC (Master Production Copy) of Luck O’ The Dice was received yesterday and everything looks good. We only received 10 coins of each color for our review, so the images do not represent the full game. Pictures of the MPC are attached below. We plan to test the durability of the coins as that is our last area of concern. We are almost to mass production and are excited to have a completed game in our hands.

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Pre-Production Copy Received

We received the pre-production copy of Luck O’ The Dice yesterday!  We are so close to sending the game to mass production.  There are a few things that we are going to adjust, but overall the quality and colors look great.  We are still waiting on the coin and dice samples, but should have those soon.  Here is a photograph of the pre-production copy:


Production Update

We are getting closer to launching our Kickstarter campaign. It will most likely be in May. Our new goal will be $5,900 which will allow us to produce 1,000 games. We feel this goal is more attainable and we hope you will all support us when we launch. Thank you again to everyone who has supported this game!